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Medical Societies have Merged
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We've merged!  Effective January 1, 2010, the East Metro and West Metro Medical Societies have merged. We are now Twin Cities Medical Society.

Click here to view the press release.

Structure of Twin Cities Medical Society

A resolution was brought to the MMA Annual Meeting on September 2009, which asked delegates to approve a consolidation of the East Metro Medical Society and the West Metro Medical Society into a single medical society. The resolution was unanimously approved by the MMA House of Delegates. Click here to read the article of explanation that ran in the May/June issue of MetroDoctors.

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TCMS Promotes Healthy Eating in Minnesota
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The Twin Cities Medical Society has taken on a new challenge of promoting healthy eating for all Minnesotans.

Check back for regular updates on the current federal menu labeling bill that's become a part of the health reform package.

More information and resources.

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TCMS Caucuses and Annual Meeting
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The purpose of being a delegate, submitting a resolution, attending the East Metro or West Metro Caucus, and attending the Minnesota Medical Association’s House of Delegates Annual Meeting is to:

  • Develop policies through discussion (at the Caucus level and in the Reference Committees at the MMA House of Delegates) and adoption of resolutions put forth by MMA members/component medical societies;
  • Elect MMA officers;
  • Elect delegates to the AMA House of Delegates;
  • Approve the MMA annual budget; and
  • Accept reports on prior activities.
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A Community Approach to Advance Care Planning
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One of the top projects that the Twin Cities Medical Society is focusing on in 2010 is Honoring Choices Minnesota (HCM). This initiative has experienced great growth and success in the past year. Honoring Choices Minnesota is a comprehensive, collaborative approach to advance care planning that is beginning in the Twin Cities metro area, using the internationally-recognized Respecting Choices® program as a model and guide. The Respecting Choices method uses trained facilitators to guide conversations about end of life wishes between a patient and their loved ones.

The majority of local health plans and many hospitals are involved, along with several home care/hospice and health care organizations. ICSI is engaged and is revising their palliative care guidelines and developing standards for quality and cost measurement. All of these groups are represented on the HCM Advisory Committee, and committee members have created a shared health care directive form for all systems across the state to use. Seven locations are piloting the HCM program and materials from January through June 2010.

At a training course held in November 2009, 45 people were certified by Respecting Choices® faculty to be facilitators. Those individuals can use Respecting Choices® tools and methods to help patients understand their options for future medical care as it relates to their medical condition; as well as have discussions with the patient’s family and loved ones to reflect upon their decisions in light of personal values, religious beliefs, or cultural perspectives. Ten people were certified as instructors, enabling them to teach future training courses for health care professionals to become facilitators. In this way, HCM can grow and become self-sustaining.

For additional information on this community initiative, please contact Twin Cities Metro Medical Society at 612-362-3704 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Visit the HCM section

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